Age factor in Acca


Hello everyone. I am 31 years old and have completed 10 acca papers out of 13. I started acca when i was 19 years old and because of my fathers business I could not managed my studies, not only that I wasted my crucial years socializing with friends at the time when i study and i also got married and have 2 kids now. Unfortunately my fathers business is not doing that well and now I have decided to restart my acca and take it seriously with 100percent commitment with almost a gap of 4 years.
My question is if I finish my acca and get qualified will I be able to get in any of the big four audit firms or will they reject just because i am too old now . And if i do get in any of the big 4 firms will i be able to get a good job internationally(maybe in dubai) after spending 3 years in the firm. Keeping in mind if everything goes smooth i will be 35-36 years old. Please suggest i am bit confused as of wht to do and wht not to do ?