After accepting an offer


Hi to all.

After reading throughout the forum, I am still wondering about some situations which may arise after a training contract has started. Do you have any information if usually it is allowed for the person to move (change offices) prior to the completion of the three year contract? As far as I am aware this is not permitted, but I would guess that it would depend on the particular circumstances.

Furthermore - how soon would the firm contact you (after you have received an offer and accepted it) with details on a buddy (if any) and information and joining instructions? I know that all that would depend on the particular company, but I would be happy to hear from people with some experience and mainly who have gone through that process.



Sounds like you have a job offer, congratulations.

As far as I know, it is highly unusual to be able to move offices. I’ve not heard anyone who has. I suspect that you might have a better chance at a Big Four Firm.

You should hear from the firm a few months months before joining. There will be joining instructions and things to do before you start. A buddy will contact you around the same time. However, if you want to ask some questions earlier on, I’m sure the recruitment department could put you in touch with a trainee.