AECOM/URS 2016 intake - Video interview


Hi all,
Has anyone taken the video interview with AECOM for the 2016 Graduate Scheme/development programme (The new questions were put from September 2015)?
I took the one for 2015 (before September 2015) but they told me that they changed the questions.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I was also sent an email for the video interview and I also took it in 2015.

Are you sure that they have changed the questions? Because competency based questions are more or less the same.



If you have noticed they even changed some of the application questions. They replaced the numerical reasoning test with the inductive reasoning (for my position at least). One of the recruiting team members confirmed to me that they changed the questions in the video interview as well :slight_smile:
Good Luck


To be honest I don’t remember much about last year’s application. I did notice the change of tests, but I didn’t give it importance. Damn! If they told you so, we must prepare it more thoroughly. Thanks for the heads-up btw. Good Luck pal!


I’ve got one for a graduate highway engineering role, need to find out about the new questions as well


Hi. Did anyone heard back from AECOM after taking video interview. I was wondering i am the only one still waiting for their response


Same here, I emailed them like 3 weeks ago and they said give us more time. It’s more than two months since I did the assessments and still waiting.


So you applied before me. I applied at the end of October but no response yet. Usually they take longer than the other employers. Please let me know if you get any response :slight_smile:


Did anyone receive a call yet? Still waiting for a response from them. I did my video interview in the start of November


Last week I asked them if they could give me un update on my application. This morning I have received their reply, saying that it is still under consideration. Frankly, I think we’ll have to wait until Feb-Mar to hear back from them. Greetings


Any idea of how the questions were in the video interview? Will appreciate the response


can you please tell me the questions you got asked? I have a video interview due this week.
Thank you,


Could u share the video interview questions mate 2016 grad scheme but I think there is no competition between us.


Could u share the video interview questions mate 2016 grad scheme but I think there is no competition between us.


I just wanted to ask what type of numerical and inductive reasoning test is it SHL?
and what is the difficulty level? may i ask what position you applied for?


did you pass to the final stage ?


Nope. Did you?


I did my video two weeks ago, last week I asked them they said still under review. I’m waiting to be invited to final interview


how long for they reach you back told you the result??


come niigga, say somthing