Aecom Online Video Interview



Has anyone done the video interview for Aecom? Any idea what sorts of questions they ask?


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I don’t have any advice specifically for the Aecom video interview, but thought you might find this article useful for general preparation:

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Hello there!

I had the interview sometime in the past weeks and the questions were:

What skills and experience do you have related to the sectors that you stated interest in your application?

AECOM and URS are innovative organisations. What can you bring to make them stronger and more competitive?

Having understood the importance of customer awareness, what related skills do you have?

What is the importance of decisiveness in organisations? Demonstrate some an example that you showed this particular aptitude.

Tell me about a time you use your persuasiveness and influence a group or an individual in order to achieve a goal.

Do you have any questions for us?

Good luck!


I have the same interview and I have to do it by tomorrow…For what position did you apply?


I got an email today and got through to the Graduate Transportation Rail programme’s next stage. I need to do a numerical reasoning assessment and video interview. Never done one before, looking for some advice too!


Ioannis, is the interview time controlled?


You have 4 minutes to answer each question. I think the questions are the same for everyone because I had the same as ioannis…Is not a stressful procedure overall because you can replay your recorded answer and if you are not satisfied you have a second chance to record it again. Also if you dont know what to answer you have time to search it and then make the second recording.


Thank you very much!


Giasu re Ioanni, kathigiti!

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. What’s your greatest career accomplishment?
  4. Tell me about a big mistake, how you dealt with it, and what you learned from the experience.
  5. Why do you want this job?
    those are common questions on video or actual interviews…


Hello All, What type of numerical reasoning test should I practice for AECOM, any advice? I have not done such thing before.


Hello ioannis.karakitsos.2014, since you had an interview, I assume you passed the numerical test, I have to do it soon, is there any advice you can help with ? like how many questions within the 35 mins, was the online assessment tough or was it easy ?
thank you in advance :smiley:


In other words, I mean how many questions were there within the given time (35 mins), was the given time enough for you ? what is the best way to practice such online test ?



I had an Interview on 08/11/2015 (video interview). Questions I have been asked were: 1: why you made you 3 elections in your application, How you match this role? 2:How are you going to build a good relationship with your clients? 3: As a graduate, how are you going to contribute to AECOM? 4: How can you convince you group members if you have a new idea?
Good luck to all.


Hi! I did the video interview about the same time as you but I have not heard back from them yet even though it’s almost up to their stated time of 8 weeks of responding to an applicant. Have you heard from them? Cheers!


Hi! Did you have the same questions as ttsheeptt during your video interview? and have you heard from them now? I have just received the invitation for a video interview recently. Thanks!


Hi, how did the interview go? Please could you tell me the types of questions you were asked? Thanks


Please can you guys tell me the questions you got asked? I have a video interview due this week
Thank you,


Did u pass to the final interview ? could you share something to me


Hi I am about to take the AECOM numerical test and it says I also have 35 minutes can u tell me anything about how many questions or difficulty? Hope yours went well!