Advisory vs. Audit


I’ve been trying to decide what service line to apply to. I’ve always thought advisory/ business strategy seemed like the most interesting. However, i’ve noticed most people apply to audit. Is there a reason for this im not seeing?

Is there just much more places available in audit so its your best chance of getting accepted?


Its all personal choice obviously. If you have a look at each employers site they will tell you what you will be doing in each area. Decide which sounds best to you from that.

I personally chose audit because of the variety of clients I’ll work on and the fact it gives you a good idea of how different businesses are structured which is really useful foundations to expand your accounting knowledge on.


People experienced in banking and business have told me that audit is the best way to learn how businesses work, because you carefully examine their financial records and look at them from the inside probably like few other professionals do.

HOWEVER, it is a personal choice as edinburgh_dave says - I myself think audit could be a bit routine and boring, especially because it generally has a narrow focus on verifying financial records. I think in advisory you do a broader range of work and look at things from a broader perspective.

There are lots of graduate jobs in audit, but there are probably lots more people applying for it too - Might make it even more competitive that advisory or other niche graduate jobs.



I was in a similar position to you. I thought advisory sounded better but everyone else seemed to be applying for audit. If you’re not sure which you would prefer, some of the big4 offer joint programmes where you can spend half your time in audit and half in one of the advisory services. I know PwC does this with business recovery services/audit and risk assessment services/audit. In the end I went for business recovery services/audit as I thought it would give me the benefits of learning exactly how businesses work through audit, but also a wider perspective. I’m sure if you look carefully at the websites you’ll find other “crossover” areas as well.