Advisory or Transactions in accounting firm?


Which has a better work life balance - working in Transactions Advisory ie. Due Diligence/M&A etc. or Business Advisory services??

Any thoughts?



Probably neither! …both have long working hours. If you’re concerned with work/life balance consider the firms you are applying to rather than the jobs. Some firms have much better reputations than others for allowing their employees to get a night’s sleep, once in a while!



citz you say some firms have a better reputation than others. Which ones would you recommend? In particular I’m interested in PWC advisory and would like to know more about what its like to work for them.


Long hours. If you want to work in financial services you will need to get used to that. While all firms will promote ‘work-life balance’, the truth is very few graduates genuinely receive it. If you want to work reasonable hours, I would suggest doing something like [[tax]] in an office outside London.

Most projects in financial services are deadline driven and you must really put your work first for those. Furthermore, [[advisory]] does not hire that many people and consequently it is difficult to get into- they only take the best.