Advice on Graduate Recruitment Process

Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs


Hi Guys,

My name is Sharad Kumar and I will be studying MFM at Vlerick Business School starting September 2017.
I have applied to Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley for their 2018 internships and full time analyst programs.
I have a few doubts:

  1. For internships, when is applicant called to take a test?
  2. For full time analysts, do the banks help applicants obtain a work visa?
  3. As a Non-EU international student, what is my best bet to secure an internship at the banks?

Please feel free to give me advice on anything that I may have missed out.

Sharad Kumar S.P


Hi Sharad,

Great post and sounds exciting starting Business School! …a suggestion from me. Split your post up and post each question separately here on WikiJob with clear titles. You’ll get a better response that way.