Advice needed on Tech Consulting vs Commercial Banking



Hi all,

I’m at a crossroads in my career.

I recently completed a management graduate programme at a major financial/insurance organisation and now working as a as a Project/Operations Analyst earning £34k outside London. It is purely 9-5 hours but I yearn for something more (exciting/dare I say it ‘glamorous’ and challenging with high salary prospects).

  1. I have been accepted for a graduate management consulting role within KPMG’s tech advisory division - specialising in Cyber Security - in Birmingham with 28k salary. I am really drawn to consulting for the variety in clients/industries/projects/travel, and although it is a step down in salary (along with longer hours) I believe it will be better in the long-run, and KPMG seems a great employer.

  2. I have an AC/final stage interview for HSBC for it’s Commercial Banking Global Graduate Programme. This I believe to pay around £33k with 5k sign-on bonus. Now at the moment I am struggling to understand what the programme actually involves as their description is quite difficult (if anyone could shine a light that would be great as I don’t want to be working in any high street branches).Link below

At the moment, with the presumption that I’ll get the offer from HSBC… I am looking for some advice on which option you would consider the best for long-term career success. I am very financially-driven but also do not want to be working ridiculous hours (50 hour max).

Anyone got any insight?


Anyone offer any help?


lol get the offer first then talk.


For HSBC when did you do the job simulation and receive the AC invite?


Hello, congrats on your offer! I have a launch pad coming up. Could you please give me some tips and info about the written part, the partner interview, and the group challenge? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much for your time in advance. My email is:


Hi @Keenbean, I know it was a long time ago, but what did you decide in the end?


Hi, do you have any advice for the HSBC AC? Thanks :slight_smile: