Advice needed on pwc assessment centre next week....advice needed!



I have a pwc assessment centre next week, I have applied for an Assurance position. Last year I have been rejected from KPMG and delloite at the final stages, over the year as an individual I have become more confident and have enhanced my understanding of Assurance services. Having said this I am still worried, I have prepared fully but I would appriciate tips from those who have attended the pwc assessment centre on how to be successful. In particular what did you do to improve your chances on the day? Any hints and tips would be appriciated as I really really really need this job.

Thanks in advance


Theres a lot of tips in the Pwc section under interview on the site.

Located here:


Thanks, but as mentioned above I have prepared fully are there any other tips on how to get the job or impress the partner?


Hey asad,

I hope your assessment day went well

Ive got one in the London office for assurance next week, but have never been to one before so not really sure how to prepare and what to expect…

I would really appreciate any feedback on what happened with your one if you have time