Advice Needed! Had to drop out of MSc course


In dire need of advice here! I’ve got a job offer on a ACA grad scheme with one of the mid-tier accountancy firms starting in January next year. I got a high 2:1 in my undergraduate degree, and as far as I am aware (it doesn’t seem to state on the contract or anything), my job offer is not conditional on any grades, because I have already obtained my 2:1 in my bachelors degree.

Due to a lot of health reasons I’ve suffered throughout this year with my masters, I’ve obtained very poor exam results and as a result have had to drop out. Whilst it’s comforting to know that the loss in exam fees will be made up in the future with my salary etc, my main concern is whether or not I should tell my future employer. Is it necessary? Should I wait until I start and then tell them then? I don’t want to seem like someone who has failed (even though there are certainly mitigating circumstances), even though I’ve already got a good bachelors degree.

Advice needed please :slight_smile: I don’t want to get off on the wrong start with my employer! Thank you :slight_smile:



Hope your health issues are getting better now.

Most graduate schemes don’t ask for postgraduate grades and so you should simply call them up and talk to them about it and I’m sure it will go smooth!! Also mention in your call that you have proof of the mitigating circumstances, whether they ask or not.

All the best!