Advice needed: do I need to pass my MSc


Hi All,

I’m due to start in Assurance in 2 weeks, but I’m a little concerned and I wonder if you can help.

I have a firm offer, which as far as the offer letter says is not contingent on me passing my MSc. BTW, my degree is a 1st, so there’s nothing to worry about on that qualification. I’m not actually die to hand in my MSc dissertation until after I start with firm, and so have been somewhat preoccupied with preparation for that instead, foolishly. My question is this: given that I won’t get the MSc grades until well after I’ve started, and my employment offer doesn’t SEEM to be contingent on me passing the MSc, and all my other qualifications are fine, what would happen if I failed? I obviously don;t plan on doing so, and have passed all of the other aspects of my MSc, but, say, what would happen if I did? Would they retract the offer, but then I’d already be working there? Would they ask about the results at a later date, and if I couldn;t give a decent account of why I failed, I;d be fired?

This is a fairly hypothetical question, but one that’s bugging the hell out of me, so if anyone can give me a clue, or has anything useful to contribute, I’b be very grateful!



Your offer was not conditional on the MSc as you said. Also I presume that on your application you made it clear that you had yet to complete the MSc, ie you have not told any lies that you already have an MSc. You have all the necessary qualifications and you’ve had background clearance etc etc. ENJOY YOUR NEW JOB! Get that dissy done and dusted ASAP as you’ll need to focus on the ICAEW knowledge modules that you’ll be sitting before you know it!
The pass mark for an MSc is usually about 50% and given that you already have a first I think you are being unduly pessimistic. Sounds like you’ll fly through it.
What is more concerning is the fact that you display symptoms of being a real worrier and you are wasting time projecting on things that are probably not going to happen.
Lighten up and relax. Which firm are you joining?


Cheers Tutor!

Shot of common sense in the arm - thanks for that! Just what I needed… Had a very depressing day yesterday slogging along with a dissy that I’ve grown to despise. It’ll be done by the end of play today, though! It needs to be because, as you say, I’ve got the reading for the knowledge modules to get one with for ICAEW!

I’m joining PwC, and I can’t wait. Currently buzzing on coffee, so must dash to get the writing done!


What is your degree and post grad subject?
Is it finance/accountancy related or completely different?
Why did you do postgrad?