Advice needed, am I still eligible to apply for Graduate programmes?



Just needed some advice, I am currently in a Finance role at a top US IB, and i know its not really taking me where I want to go. I have been in the role for just less than a year now, and I was just wondering whether I was able to apply to graduate schemes for IB Front Office and Asset Management etc in September this year (for 2011 intake) or have I missed my chances?

Many Thanks


Hey kdv87,

From my experience, you have not missed any chances, in fact, the chances will be chasing you! You are entitled to apply for another graduate scheme just as you would as if you did not have one in the first place. However, be prepared to say why you are leaving your current role for the one you have applied for. I left an IB after my internship expired and secured a grad position in Local Govt, as I always wanted to! In fact, if anything, it puts you in a stronger position over your peers when applying for that position due to the experience and skills you offer, especially in a very competitive market. Hope this helps.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!