Advice needed: 3rd Class degree



I have recently graduated, and for various reasons I only managed a 3rd class degree. I am now looking to improve my employability by completing another qualification, Ideally I would like to have completed the ACA in the future, but obviously before that I would need a training contract. I am looking to complete either the AAT or the CFAB qualification (funding myself), and I really need some advice as to which of these would give me a better chance of gaining a training contract to complete the ACA in the future.

Your help would be much appreciated.


Have you considered the ACCA?


I really think you should contact one of the recruitment departments of say KPMG etc and ask the same question, theyll probably give you an honest opinion of how they see it.

I would say from limited experience most accountancy firms dont need new trainees to have any knowledge of finance/accountancy so having a qualification may not really help, its just my opinion.

I think youd be better off trying to get an internship rather than completing a qualification on your own.


Hi mate I’m in a similar position to you, was just wondering if you got anywhere? Many thanks.