Advice for law graduate re PwC


Hi everyone,

I’m hoping for some advice from those who perhaps are already/have already worked for PwC. I am a law & languages graduate and have accepted an offer of a graduate scheme with tax in PwC . I am not sure it’s the right graduate job for me and therefore am worried that if I leave before my 3.5 yr contract expires that this would go against me for the future. Does anybody know whether it would look good on a CV even to stay a year/2 in PwC without gaining the tax qualification. It feels like a long time now (3.5-4 years) and therefore I’m trying to find out my options and whether it is ok to leave before your contract ends if it’s not the right career for you. My other option is an LLM in International commercial law - but without proper commercial experience behind me I’m not sure it would be beneficial. I chose this instead of a law firm so that I could get an insight into the commercial world before sitting endless more exams for a law firm. I look forward to any information/advice.