Advertising agencies currently recruiting?


Does anyone know if advertising agencies will be recruiting as normal this year? I really want to work for Ogilvy/WPP/Satchi&Satchi, etc but have that agencies are really cutting back because of the recession. Anyone have any news/info?

Thanks so much for any help :slight_smile:


check their werbsites


Hi there. To be a bit more helpful, search Google for their names and go to their official websites. Don’t use a general job or recruitment website as they usually work on commission or even insist on an upfront fee!

I’m assuming from the brand names, that you’re looking for somewhere in London, as most of the Head Quarters for those companies are there. For instance, the page for Ogilvy is at

It seems like a speculative role as it just asks to send them your CV. Another good brand to look at is they are a recruitment advertising agency based in London.


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