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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if this happened to anyone before.

I had my first round interview on 20 Jan, 2010. On 21 Jan, 2010, I received an email saying that:

" Thank you for attending your recent first interview; we very much enjoyed meeting with you, and you have done really well to come this far in the selection process.

I am delighted to inform you that we would now like to invite you to our office for the final stage of our selection process. "

Thursday, 4th of Feb, I received a call from Charlotte, saying that I have my Assessment centre on 9th of March.

10 minutes later, I received another call from Charlotte saying that I dont need to come to the assessment centre as I never cleared the first stage and the invites were sent to you due to “admin error”. :s

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone? Is this the “top” professional services firm? really ?


Wow that’s really harsh!! Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that happening before but I’m sure it has many a time.

Sorry mate, that must be gutting.


Too many instances of unfair treatment of applicants being reported on these forums.
How do we address this?
Are the Wikijob “founders” of this site able to have dialogue with the Big 4 or indeed raise the issue with the ICAEW?


Sounds really odd.

Did you ask for feedback on why you were rejected?


It does seem that HR depts all over are reducing standards - must be to do with staff cutbacks?


I am really sorry for this misfortune mate! I can imagine how you must be feeling. This is really harsh. However, take it as a learning curve as everything happens for the best. Upwards and onwards…I’m sure you’ll get something better in the future! You only have to believe in yourself that you are good enough…you managed to get to the first interview…you have already go further than many thousands! Look at the positive side! Try again…at least you have the experience now! You are one step closer to getting that dream job!


@Lilshorty: yes i did , after the "ahhh ohhh hmmmm ", it was that one of the example of team working didn’t meet their standards. Now the interesting part is that I applied for the same job last year and I cleared the first interview with the same example. (partner rejected me)

So, I asked them “Do your standards keep moving?” :slight_smile: and she didn’t have any answer to that …

Anyway, the bottom line is , in my opinion, they made an error. Why am I the one who has to suffer? They should have either restaged the first interview or called for assessment centre.


@ank: I have an interview coming up with GT. The only experience from this Deloitte saga is that “even if you receive the email confirming your success, keep praying to God” :slight_smile:

Everything happens for the best but the kind of inconsiderate behaviour these firms show to candidates is just disgusting. And the kind of position they hold in this profession heightens this effect. If they offer me a job now, I would still accept it gleefully and would probably run to my computer to delete these posts. Welcome to modern day slavery. :smiley:


Haha so true.


I have just had about an hour long discussion with Charlotte Antell of Deloitte recruitment about the rejection. There was absolutely no reason apart from “YOU DID NOT BUILD ENOUGH RAPPORT WITH THE INTERVIEWER”. She went through the examples of competency and said they were fine.

So if anybody is applying this year, make sure the interviewer LIKES you, because in the end the examples don’t matter plus nobody checks the interview process. The interviewer has THE FINAL WORD which cannot be reversed or even scrutinised by anyone (the excuse being that they were not present at the interview, as if they cannot record your response by a simple machine invented decades ago).


I wouldnt say that the examples dont matter because I can assure you they do. When they refer to building a raport they are talking about communication and socia interaction. Not only in your examples but in the way you conduct yourself and this is a Deloitte competency


I wouldnt say that the examples dont matter because I can assure you they do. When they refer to building a raport they are talking about communication and socia interaction. Not only in your examples but in the way you conduct yourself and this is a Deloitte competency


The point is “why don’t they monitor the interview process” and why do they leave everything to a single person’s judgement? who by the way is still a manager and not even at the senior stage. Anyone can say that “He/she did not build enough rapport with me” … For example, when Charlotte (as a senior of the interviewer) was going through the notes, she kept saying that “I am sorry I cannot check how the interview was conducted or why you did not build enough rapport”. Isn’t it an internal control lapse? Doesn’t that mean that they are leaving an aweful lot on the mood of the interviewer? But as no money loss is involved in rejecting a candidate out of thousands that apply, it will never matter to them.

P.S. why am i wasting time on a lost cause ? lol … :slight_smile:


How was your rapport with the interviewer? Was s/he friendly? A bit distant? ?



I could sense a “disturbance in the force” in the interview. In one the team examples, she did not even know what CRICKET is and was like “whatever”.


You do get weird interviewers every now and then. Last year I interviewed, with Deloitte coincidentally, and the woman was a bit strange. For one of my competency examples, when I mentioned doing a shout out in my halls in first year uni, she actually looked disgusted. I’ll never forget the look on her face…

The thing is no matter how badly a lot of these companies try to portray their recruitment processes as being scientific and objective, there is a lot of luck involved with the whole thing. Whether it’s the candidate not performing up to their usual standard at the assessment centre, or the partner being in a pretty foul mood maybe because they just lost a major client, there’s so much of it that is unfairly out of our control.

The whole thing is harsh, but the best thing is to remain friendly and upbeat no matter how antagonistic the interviewer might be coming across, and always be on good terms with the HR person that’s dealing with your application.


I would definatley agree to keep on good terms with HR/Graduate recruitment. However you would be surprised how much luck has to do with and I can assure that it’s not much. It’s down to how well you come across, the examples you draw from your our personal experiences.

Candidates only have one chance and they need to make the most of it and should not chalk it up to having a bad day. I know recruiters who work in house and they are only as good as they candidates they bring through the process and are hired. It’s never down to luck. I agree, interviewers and their style and manner will differ but you seem to be looking at it the wrong way, recruiters are looking to fill their vacancies not to stop people getting through the process.


“recruiters are looking to fill their vacancies not to stop people getting through the process.”

err… 10,000 people applying for 1000 vacancies. Hmmm… well, what can i say. The places must be really difficult to fill.

One more thing, why a person approves you on the same thing and another rejects you ? I like to feel that there is no luck involved but …

I agree that a successful candidate who gets the job is not there on luck. The process tests him on a variety of areas , however, a rejected candidate CAN simply go down becasue of luck.

By the way, are you from HR ? :smiley:

@the09: Ya, last year my competency interviewer was pretty friendly. I messed up my partner interview, that I admit. And yes i do agree on being on good terms with them and i think i was. I was pretty happy with deloitte’s rec.people. But what do you say to that “I am not able to comment on your interview because I wasn’t present there”. That’s my whole argument, that it is NOT a valid argument at all. There is a device known as a sound recorder. These firms go in so much details, spend a lot on gathering enough data so they could prove in court that they did not do anything wrong with a client. But when it comes to interviews, oh they are dispensible people. Let the interviewer decide on his/her own.


You would be surprised how difficult they can be to fill, yes many of the larger firms will receive 10000 application however they will not all be relevant and will be screened out at various stages.

Interviewers try their best to be objective however different interviewers may have slightly different standards.

You have a lot to say about the recruitment process but no actual knowledge of what high volume recruitment can entail, people in their jobs cannot sift through an hours recording or sit in all your interviews just to give you feeback especially when they interview hundreds of candidates who all request feedback. It’s something that they cannot sustain nor promise therefore is not available.

You ask if I work in HR, no I dont but my husband does! He works in some large organisations (HR Consultant) and I’m lucky to have the inside scoop on processes, interviewing, applications. I have completed my masters in Maths and have applied to Big4.


So, an interviewer cannot make a mistake ? and it does not bother you that no one can verify it ?

P.S> I am not saying that I cannot make a mistake.