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Addleshaw Goddard

Hi I could do with some help please. I have an assessment centre coming up at Addleshaw Goddard. Can anyone provide an insight into what is involved and details of the tasks/questions please? Assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks


For my assessment centre we were allocated into groups of 3 or 4. There were roughly 15 other candidates, the activities were rotated around different groups i.e. one group did one activity whilst another did a different one. Format was group exercise, instruction taking exercise and an interview, followed by a tour of the building by a trainee.

  • Group exercise - 10 minutes to discuss as a group. Groups of four, reading a short extract and then deciding an appropriate course of action.

  • Personal interview - 35 minutes. Interview with 2 members of AG, usually one partner or associate and a member of HR (30 - 40min). Asked the standard questions: -why law? -Why AG? -Career ambitions? -What skills can you bring to AG?

  • Instruction taking exercise - given 20 minutes to read through 6-7 pages of documents and make notes on the documents. Asked to present those documents that were about commercial dispute. The partners asked questions based on the documents. (20 - 30 minutes).

‘’‘Group Exercise’’’

The group exercise was straightforward and primarily assessed your ability to listen and contribute to group discussions. It did not test legal knowledge but focused more on commercial awareness. There is no wrong answer. We had 10 min to read the synopsis on a particular company and 30 min for the discussion on the possible opportunities etc to take. Make sure someone in your group is keeping an eye on the time. They stop you after 30 min.

‘’‘Induction Taking Exercise’’’

Instruction taking exercise was a lot tougher. Generally, everyone’s least favourite exercise. They give you 20 min to read some documents and then 30min with a partner and another AG member to discuss the facts and think about possible solutions.

They do give you a lot to read in 20 min. Note the main points (you are allowed to take the notes that you make into the discussion room). Don’t be bogged down by the legal aspects think commercial. i.e. what are the main problems between the two companies? Price? Location? Level of Service? Whose in breach? What areas of immediate concern do you have? What documents do you still need to review (again practical …invoices, survey’s, annex to contract, lodged complaints etc). Keep your structure, stay composed and think like a company.

‘’‘Personal Interview’’’

Personal interview: Very standard interview. Looking for approachable people, people with interesting ideas, people with a good understanding of the AG ethos. Questions I was asked: (1)Take us through the biographical part of your application and tell us why you want to be a commercial lawyer (2) What successful business person do you admire the most and how/why has their success inspired you (do not say Richard Branson or Bill Gates…Pick someone different and justify it) (3) Why AG? (4) How do you think the current economics climate with affect AG?

Other questions included: What would AG have to consider with regards to commercial awareness in today’s climate? What would AG have to consider before taking instructions form a client, why didn’t you do a law degree? Why Addleshaw Goddard? What communication skills can you offer Addleshaw Goddard? How do you deal with conflict? How are you finding the GDL? Why Addleshaw Goddard? Why commercial law? Why is corporate responsibility important? What qualities do you have that would make you a good trainee? What are your weaknesses? Tell us about what has interested you in the news recently.

Most of the stress was about how the firm works within the commercial sphere and consequent considerations. Wanted to know my capabilities with regards to skills and academics. How we handle different work place situations e.g. conflict and teamwork

During the day, I think they were trying to assess:
-Personality (everyone there will be switched on and have achieved academically, personality matters!)
-Commercial Awareness,
-Motivation and
-Some (but not a lot of) legal awareness.

Hope this helps!


Many thanks Chups - very useful but have now been to the AC.