Can I get in to this field as an Economics student?

Is qualifying as an actuary with a Big 4 firm the best way to become an actuary, given that I do not have an Actuarial Science degree?

What alternatives are there aside from getting an actuarial qualification with an Accounting firm?


See our wiki page on [[Insurance & Actuarial]]. Yes, wou can be an actuary with an economics degree, as long as you have excellent maths skills, and can show evidence of this to your prospective employer.

You could join a [[big 4]] firm, or an insurance firm, or another firm from this [[list of insurance and actuarial firms]]. Don’t worry too much about not having an actuarial science degree.

Alternatives would be self-study on an actuarial course whilst working somewhere else, but really, you might as well joing a graduate actuarial training programme, where your employer would pay for/cover the costs of this course themselves.


Lots of the insurance firms run their own graduate programmes for Actuaries and will pay for all exams and study support etc. Typically it takes 5 years to become an actuary and it’s expensive to qualify so I wouldn’t recommend self-study.

I also think qualifying in a company will give you more varied experience as you will have the opprtunity to work in the different types of actuarial fiels. I must admit that I only have experience of actuarial work in non-life insurance firms (particularly Lloyd’s insurers) but I think the range of business makes it more interesting as you can will be working on anything and everything from ships, satellites, political risk and fine art.