Accounting or Bloomberg Role for best route into Investment Banking?


Currently have been offered two different graduate jobs- one with an accounting firm (trainee accountant towards ACA) and one with Bloomberg Analyst and Sales. My ultimate goal is to join an IB either at graduate level/trainee or associate after a few years experience. Bloomberg offers a reasonably good salary (30k) where as the accounting firm (24k) but pays for course fees and so on. I was just wondering from anyone who may have experience in the IB industry as which route would be more beneficial in order to join an IB.

Any feedback, suggestions would be much appreciated.


I would suggest bloomberg over accounting personally. You could get to work in IB’s offices when you work with clients at bloomberg.
Out of interest, how was the recruitment process for bloomberg because I got rejected when I had my interview and presentation in London?
Hope this helps


Recruitment process was ok, I didn’t do the presentation as I missed the initial recruitment day as it clashed with another assessment day I had already accepted. Basically we had a mini introduction, then were asked to translate the difference between a bond and equity into another language. Then had a reasonably ok interview one-on-one and shadowed a member of staff. Second round was more intense, it was two-on-one interview and they constantly fired questions ranging from bloomberg to its competitors, to finance in general, to customer service, sales and the whole lot. It lasted about 1 hour and it was more concentrated then the first one. Finally had a telephone interview again general questions about finance, a few theoretical question about Bloomberg. Then after a few days was offered a job with them. Hope this helps


Hi! Can you possibly tell me a bit more about the types of finance questions they asked? Also, what sort of competency based questions did they ask? I have an interview coming up and want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks.


I have a recuitement day at bloomberg next week , I appreciate if you share more about competency questions
Please, I was looking for job as Crasy , and each time I am rejected ;/ I am destroyed and I really need help from u guys ;////


Has anyone interviewed with Thomson Reuters, or know what it is like to work there ??

Many thanks