Accountants in local government?


Hi guys,

Coming from a non-accountancy background, I’m stuck for ideas for the following questions:

What contributions do accountants make towards the provision of local government services? And what challenges would the local government be currently facing? would the second question involve talkin about the credit crunch?

Thanks! Help appreciated!

tasha x


I think you’ll need to read up on your current affairs a bit - right now a lot of local councils etc are facing losing huge investments as a result of the Iceland crisis.


credit crunch is a big topic full of information, check evening standard, the times, bbc website and daily mail. bound to be interesting topics! government is under more pressure because we’re relying on them to solve the economic crisis, theres impact of interest rates and rising unemployment rate!


hi guys! thanks for the tips! ill check it out and piece something together :slight_smile:

but im still unsure of how to answer about the role of accountants…i mean how does the role of an accountant working for the council, say differ from an accountant working for PwC?


PwC is a private firm and doesnt have to disclose its accounts to the public whereas a council has to comply with certain gov regulations to get certain levels of funding. councils have to plan their budgets as they cannot simply request for money when they are running dry!

i think anyway, in general the private sector you work with private clients and anything unusual can be recitified, but in the public, you get crucified for errors, especially public funds!!