Accountancy Qualifications


Hi everybody,
I am new to this website and am looking for work in the Accountancy field. I have a couple of questions though. Hopefully you can help. I have a degree in Accounting from the US. I am not sure what type of qualifications that gives me in the UK. I am looking for using recruiting websites but they say my CV is not a good fit. I am currently living in Berlin, Germany because it’s cheaper and I am learning german. I am also fluent in spanish.
If anyone can give me some suggestions to better my jobsearch it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ramiro,

If you only have a degree in accounting (as opposed to an accounting qualification like ACA, ACCA, CIMA, or AAT (see here, you will need to do an accounting qualification.

In order to do this, you normally have to get a job where you are doing some kind of accounting role, and where the company will pay for you to do training for one of these qualifications while you work. There are a lot of jobs like this, usually ‘graduate schemes’, especially in banks and accounting companies like PwC.

If you do already have a qualification like those listed above, you shouldn’t have too many problems getting a job- accounting qualifications are very desirable in the UK.

Hope this helps,


I used to work for a recruitment company and to be brutally honest with you, recruitment companies often dismiss foreign candidates because they are seen as too much effort.

Recruitment companies MASSIVELY favour UK candidates, although, importantly, this isn’t a race issue. It’s to do with the perceived extra time foreign applicants will take to prepare for UK jobs.

Recruitment companies get frustrated with foreign applicants for a number of reasons. First, they need to arrange an interview with you in person before they can put you forward to companies. If you don’t live in the UK this is difficult to arrange. If you don’t have perfect English recruitment consultants (who are impatient, generally) will get frustrated talking to you and get worried about how well you will perform in interview at major companies. They will realise that you do not know how “the game is played” in the UK and that you will need more support than UK applicants so will tend to not use you. What you have to remember about recruitment companies is, they are only after money and they are not there to look after you.

In reality, foreign workers can do VERY well in the UK. Your languages being one factor that set you apart from most UK born applicants. I suggest forgetting about recruitment companies and applying to companies directly. If you do want to apply to UK recruitment agencies, tell them you are already living in the UK (even if you’re not) and tell them you’ve been here for at least 6 months. It would also be good to tell them you have a family member that has worked inteh UK previously, so that they feel you understand the way the British job system works.