Accountancy Courses



I’m aware that this post isn’t quite the same as most of them on here. I can’t find many sites that offer the kind of advice I’m looking for.

I’m an English Literature graduate looking to get into accountancy. I had an interview recently for a scheme and didn’t get through the first round. I’m wondering if there is some way that I can demonstrate a commitment to accountancy as a career choice, because this seems to be the main reason I wasn’t considered. The only courses I can find are at least 2 years of study, at an undergraduate level, which doesn’t particularly appeal to me, not least because of the financial sacrifices I’d have to make on top of my existing debt. Is there another way to demonstrate a commitment to the career that isn’t as costly and time consuming (bearing in mind you don’t have to have an accountancy qualification to be accepted on to these schemes).

Any ideas?

Thanks for looking.


From some friends’ experience I wouldn’t consider accountancy courses. Not only because they charge ridiculous fees, master level or professional training course, more importtantly they don’t really help you. a friend of mine got a 2:2 and studied ACCA full time for two years and passed about 10 papers. All at her own expense. She worked part time in retail sort of jobs. She was hoping she could get a job n an accountancy firm or industry doing finance. Guess what, many employers consider her overqualified, thinking she would leave after a year or even less for a higher paid job, once she has some experience. It happened in particular for some smaller employers. For quite a while she could not understand why and you can imagine how devastating for her once she found out. She eventually found a job doing financial processing for a large construction company, not graduate level job.

What type of companies turned you down for not demonstrating commitment? It’s tricky. Even you can answer career motivation competency well, but you don’t know if firms like big 4 is looking for concrete evidence like having studied accounting or done internship…so much employers are not telling you.

It might worth asking yourself why you studied English Literature? And what makes you consider going into accountancy? Something you may want to consider is doing some unpaid work for accountancy firms in your local area. Send some speculative CV or phone them. They don’t lose anything and it’s cheaper than you paying thousands for a course those training providers are trying so hard to sell you. Then you can tell those people, look I have done some work shadowing, I know whoa is it like and that’s something I want to do…

Ask around. Really hard to get good, objective impartical career advice these days.