Accountancy Career 2 years after uni


Hi everyone,

First of all thanks for viewing this post.

I have graduated with 2.1 degree in Accountancy in June 2015, and around December 2015. I have always wanted to work in practice and become qualified. I was not very successful in securing a position in a practice environment so I managed to secure a management accountancy position with a food manufacturing company where I did product costings, (no bookkeeping or accounts at all). After 9 months of working this place, I was burnout because of too much stress and decided to quit without securing a position as it was mentally effecting me too much. There was no work life balance and I had to move to a small town for the job, plus this was not the ideal job for me since I wanted to get in to practice.

After taking two months off, and then searching positions for months,from September to December I decided to move to somewhere bigger just to increase my chances of getting employed and basically took the easiest job to get in, a call center job in December 2016 to pay for my bills. Since starting working, I have looked out for opportunities and attended a couple of interviews.

The struggle I have been through was that the market is very competitive and I had lack of experience in the field that I wanted to work in. Most of the companies I heard back was from manufacturing companies which I never ever want to go back to. The additional complication is that I am a foreigner in UK, so there is a little bit language limitation and I do not have a family to stay with, so I had to cover for my bills.

Finally, I stopped being that much persistent and idealist to secure a position in practice and managed to secure a position as a graduate accountant with training support in a car sales company. The big plus for me is that I will be able to finish my accountancy qualification (I had 9 exemptions) and tick the practical experience requirements in a 3 year training contract.

Do you guys think that I should keep looking out for practice jobs while working there? What are my chances of moving to practice after working there or while working there? I am getting a little lost since what I really want is different than what I will be doing. But this job will give me some experience which I lack as well… It has been 2 years since I have graduated and I am thinking it is getting too late for me.

Please leave your opinion. Thanks! :slight_smile: