Accommodation Issues


Okay not strictly an academic but it does have an impact on my studies. I currently share a flat with 3 others, all of whom study totally different subjects but I’m considering where to live next year. Cost is of course a major issue but equally I want to make sure that I also do well at my studies. Do you find it is better to live in a University accommodation block or in private accommodation and if so is it better to stick with others doing the same course or not? I have friends in the locality but they aren’t students so they pay a lot more for rent than I can afford to and also have a different social schedule and I’m afraid that we could fall out over that.
I’m actually considering taking on a role within the halls of residence so that I get cheap accommodation but am a bit worried that this may have a negative impact on my studies. What does everyone else do during their postgraduate years when their undergraduate friends all get jobs / move areas etc?


Well a quick update, I have decided to become role within the hall of residence as a way of getting cheaper accommodation and also as a way of increasing my CV to show that I had strong interpersonal skills. I am slightly concerned that it will take an excessive amount of my time so that it squeezes my studies but ultimately it will mean that I don’t have to take a part-time job simply to earn cash so I’m sure the benefits will outweigh the potential disturbance. And actually quite excited now is a big it’ll be very varied and challenging and may even offer this release from the books at times. I will let you know how I get on!