Accenture UK Video Interview



Has anyone done one of these? I can’t find anywhere on the internet what might be asked in terms of questions - how long it is or anything.


Ive been invited to one of these aswell, did you complete yours, what did you get asked? Thanks!


I’m waiting for someone to answer before I do it - I don’t want to go into it unprepared!


I’m waiting for someone to answer before I do it - I don’t want to go into it unprepared!


Hey I just received an email to do this as well. I promise to post information if I advance but could you let me know what type of questions they asked?


Hey! I have to do mine as well, how did yours go?


why accenture
what characteristics do you have which are good for consulting
why do you want to attend


thank you very much! Good luck!


Thanks a lot for that!
I am wondering how long it took / how long did you have to answer each question?


I have heard that the interview allows 90 seconds for preperation and 120 seconds to answer the question.

I am doing mine tonight so will post if there is anything different.


Thanks for that laswan1! That’s pretty short, itsn’t it? I would appreciate your comments after the interview!


You get that information in the email for your interview… If you haven’t read that that’s pretty bad.

It takes about 12 minutes to complete the whole thing.


Hi. I did my video interview the other day and basically it’s 3 questions of 60 seconds each and 30 seconds to read the questions before starting the recording. As Lva llieva said it’s just about getting used to talking to yourself effectively!


I had a bad experience with this process, I got accepted then rejected twice. I spoke to someone there but apparently my answers weren’t satisfactory to attend a dinner. It was quite a frustrating experience, however this is a great opportunity since a friend had been offered a graduate position straight after the dinner (last year).


What does ‘October’ mean by his third question?

“Why do you want to attend”? – I don’t get it?


what do think you will benefit or gain from attending a dinner with accenture, talk about networking and exploring career options.


sorry for the late reply. The questions were as October listed. there was 30 sec of preparation time and I think it was 2 minutes to answer each question. if you prepare beforehand it is very straight forward. good luck everyone!


May I know if there is anything that we need to prepare and read up before attending the dinner? I was selected for the dinner but not too sure what to expect…anyone?


It’s just dinner… It’s like any other careers events. They’re not there to assess you (but don’t make a stupid fool of yourself). They’re there to give you information about the company


Can someone share the questions received at the digital interview?