Accenture Technology Solutions


I have a telephone interview coming up for the Accenture Technology solution programme for the role of Software Engineer, Graduate. Any advice, suggestion or if anyone shares their experience on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


be yourself, speak clearly! I know it tends to get a little nerve wracking… but I also suffered a little bit… dont b scared… The best thing to do is prepare as much as you can and the rest will come…


I applied to Accenture Tech Solutions Graduate scheme for the role of Soft Eng. Couldn’t find much helpful materials out there to help any peeps prepare for this interview, so I thought I’d do the right thing and be a good samaritan. I think I blew the interview anyway as I was caught off guard, even though I did so much preperation, most of it went to waste as I hardly got the chance to reveal them.

But anyhoo, here are the questions that I got asked:

What have you been doing ever since you finished university?,
How was the transition like to University?,
What were the challenges of commutting (or challenges of moving out to Uni)?,
What other roles are you considering?,
What is your understanding of Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS)?,
What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of being mobile in this role?,
What are the project life cycles?,
What is the most challenging decision you made?,
What is the biggest mistake you made?,
Why are you interested in IT?,
Why Software Engineering?,
What was the most challenging project you carried out (Pref. something Technical)?,
What are the areas you think you want to develop if offered the role?,
What are the languages you learned (e.g. C, C#, Java etc)?,
Which one is your favourite language (java or,
Which modules did you like in university and which ones did you not like?,
Who are Accenture’s competitors?,
What makes accenture different from other similar companies?,
What are the three different service areas in Accenture?
Why did you choose your university and why did you choose your course?,

Thats all that I can remember. This was one of the most challenging interviews I faced so far. You might get easy questions like some of my friends did but you might be the unlucky one getting questions like the ones above. And also the other thing to note is you might get an interviewer who doesnt give you much time to answer your questions fully, so you have to be very concise and succinct. Otherwise you might not get any of the good points across even though you know them.

Good luck if you are applying to ATS.


hello everyone
I will have interview on 16 may 2011, could any one please share his latest experience.
Thanx in advance.


Can anyone tell me what questions to expect for the second interview next week.
I am more worried about the Technical part.



Hi Vaibhav

I have my 2nd interview next week can you please help us about your 2nd interview experience and the questions asked? Have you gone through your 2nd interview ? If so then congrats for that and if not very sorry for that.
Please help us regarding this.