Accenture Technology Alignment Salary



The Analyst Consulting Group starting salary at Accenture is £31k.

Does anyone know if I would get the same salary if I get a Technology alignment?



Hi GicaHagi

My friend has an offer from Accenture for their tech alignment and she said she’s getting £31k and the joiner bonus. I’m considering them too - sweet salary!

Oh and they have a facebook page which my friend sent me to so you might want to check that out. They must have someone running it so you should be able to ask any other questions.


I have a really good friend who works there.

Accenture actually have two totally different streams: Accenture Technology Solutions and Accenture Consulting. Consulting pays better than Solutions, but I believe you may be given the opportunity in Consulting to specialise in either Tech Consulting or Strategy Consulting.

I reckon you should post your Q on Facebook (UK careers page) - they seem to get back to people almost immediately!