Accenture Technical Architecture Consultant business case interview


Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience of business case interview for the position of Technical Architecture Consultant at Accenture? Internet is full of information on such interviews for management consulting position but none on the technical side. Any help with experience or links to existing articles would be helpful.



Hi Suhas,

I am also in the same boat, can you please share your experience? Any example/pointers would be of great help.



Hi Ajay,

It is hard to say what kind of case they would give you. It all depends on the interviewer. I was given a case which was purely technical. It was about a company wanting to replace their legacy software stack with a new software. I was asked how would I go about offering my consulting services to this company. A friend of mine was given a case which was not technical at all. So it depends what your interviewer has on his mind that day. I don’t think you can prepare for a business case interview.



Hi Suhas,

Thanks for your response. It feels like something ‘impromptu’ situation base case interview. I am planning to follow a generic approaching in that case: analyzing the problem, decomposing the issues to find the root cause, plan the solution and outline (may be a block diagram) the implementations. I hope that would be enough. I assume the interviewer would be there (‘as a business customer’) to provide more details where the case requirement is not very explicit. Is this the case? Also is there any formal presentation (powerpoint/white boarding sort) involved as well?

I just need to plan how much we can cover in 30/40 mins. It feels a bit less time to present a proper solution, e.g. an architectural artifact.

Thanks in advance.