Accenture Summer Vacation Scheme Phone Interview


Hi Everyone,

I have an Accenture SVS phone interview coming up, can anyone who has already done it let me know what it is like?

There are various forums for ACG roles, so I wanted to know if it will differ in any way?

Your help would be much appreciated!



any ideas anyone?


Hey there, sorry if I’m late, still need advice?


Yeah I’m in the same situation do you have any advice on the possible case study questions or competency questions asked? Cheers


Yeah I’m in the same situation do you have any advice on the possible case study questions or competency questions asked? Cheers


Right since there’s two of you I’ll post what I had in here. I had my phone interview two weeks ago (very recently!), and passed it with an AC on Monday coming up, hopefully this helps. Now my interview I was very nervous, I stuttered a lot and spoke quickly (as I do when I get nervous) so I thought it’d gone against me, however I guess they are all about quality of answers at this stage - if you give great answers, they will like you no matter how nervous you become.

Firstly, the beginning of the interview was based like how I expected from the email - all about Accenture, why I wanted to join, what research I had done (so talk about case studies - which you should have read by now!), my motivation to be a consultant - basically talk up the firm a lot, throw in a lot of key facts. They spend millions on training per year, they’ll like hearing you know that. Make the company sound like the only place on Earth you want to be at.

Second part was two case studies. Try to keep in mind Accenture have 3 main client sectors - strategy, technology and outsourcing. My first case study I remember to be a company with outdated systems, how can Accenture help. So I mention the fact that Accenture have these three sectors, talked about how computer software and processes can be streamlined, new systems implemented which make the most of cloud computing and made for the future, and said they could possible outsource some of the companies systems to somewhere like India for cheaper hosting costs. These will impress. Second case study I vaguely remember to be about a company whose software wasn’t selling well, how to help with delivery. Again, try to refer to all 3. I think I only mentioned marketing strategy change, and one other factor but I’ve thrown my scribble sheet away I’m afraid.

By the way, when asked a question, YOU CAN ASK FOR A REPEAT. For the case studies I found it vital to write down bits of information, including the question. They are kind.

Third part is a bit of competency based about yourself, they have a range they can ask so I won’t list, but just remember when asked to talk about your own personal situations - if you have to, lie, just don’t get caught out by it.

Last piece of advice - ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS WHEN THEY ASK IF YOU HAVE ANY. This lets them know you’re really interested. Think of things beforehand.

Hope that is helpful. Good luck!