Accenture Strategy Analyst Digital Interview




I got an invite to do a digital interview as part of my application to the Strategy Analyst role in Accenture Strategy – Products cluster. The link provided in the email which explains how the interview will work says that there will be multiple choice questions, video response questions and an essay response question.

I would like to ask if anyone has taken this interview or any digital interview with Accenture and what questions were asked during the interview? How many questions were there?
How much time are we given to answer each question and how much time are we given to prepare for each question?

Were they strengths-based questions or competency-based questions? Or both?

I would like to ask what the multiple choice question(s) are and what the essay response question is (and what case study (if any) is it based on)?

What advice do you have on how to best prepare for the interview?