Accenture Strategy (3rd Round) Interview


Ladies and Gents,

I have the Accenture Strategy interview in the next month or so. I was wondering whether anyone can give me any pointers about it. Once I have done the interview I will report back.

Potentia Test (1hr)

  • What is the format of this (e.g. 20 minutes reading, 40 minutes discussion)
  • Is there any revision I can do?
  • What type of topic is it likely to be?
  • What qualities/capabilities are they hoping to assess?

Skills Test (1hr)

  • This is a strategy-based interview. Should I be doing the practice off of Strategy Houses websites e.g. McKinsey, or buying a book? The 2nd Round case was pretty basic (no methodology required). Is it the same for this?
  • Are they likely to ask me anything about the firm itself?
  • What questions are they likely to ask me?




Hi Art,

Congratulations on getting as far as the strategy interview! I wonder if you have had your strategy interview now, and if so how did it go? I was wondering if you could share your experience of the day.

I have a strategy interview in the coming weeks, was wondering if you could give an insight into the types of questions that were asked in the skills interview (were they all very focused around strategy, or still on the firm generally?), and how did the POTENTIA test go? I am very curious about it as there seems to be very little information available. Also, what was the strategy case study like, I have been told it is a ‘small’ case study - is there any element of numbers to it, and what were the questions on it like? Any guidance or information you could give would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,



Can you please expand on your experience at AC.

Thank you.


Danielle and Art.,

Well done on your interview!

I also have a strategy interview in one week. Could you briefly describe:

  1. subject of the case study in potentia interview;

  2. discussion focus in strategy case study?

That would be of great help!

Thank you, h&n