Accenture Start Date 28th March 2011



I have recently been offered a position with Accenture as part of the Analyst Consulting Group and am due to start training on the 28th March - Just wondered if there is anyone else on the blog who will be starting at the same time as me???

I was told that two other people that attended my assessment centre @ 13.30 on the 7th Feb also got through but haven’t found out who!

Also… just to let those grads know that are struggling to find a decent job, I have been trying desperately to get on a good grad scheme for well over a year now and have finally been offered this position. I know it is extremely frustrating when you attend interview after interview but stick with it, something will come up!!!




Hi Cheryl,

Congrats on getting the offer at Accenture. I myself have been trying to get on a good grad scheme for 6 months now.

I have been invited for a first round interview for the consulting grad scheme and was wondering if u cud give me any tips and specific things to prepare for. I know there is a vast amount of information available on wikijob but i thought since u have recently been successful in ur attempt maybe u cud share ur opinions/tips.



hi cheryl,

how long did accenture take in getting back to you?