Accenture Software Engineering 2nd Interview


I was recently invited for a 2nd round interview for Java Software Engineer position in London. Any body have experience of such interview?
I’ll be more than grateful if someone could share their experiences, like what type of questions were asked, what the atmosphere was like.



regarding this role, did anyone go through this 2nd interview? do you remember any technical questions they asked and the nature of the interview?



Hi, I have my 2nd interview next week and was worried about the Technical part of the interview. Could you tell me what were you asked in the interview.



Hi ansonn

I have my 2nd interview aswell next week. Can you please share us about your 2nd interview like how it went and what are the questions asked?. Have you gone through your 2nd interview?



pre these topics.

  1. principles of OOP (final/ static/ multiple inherent)
  2. Testings (Black box testing…)
  3. Porgramming documentation
  4. Software project life cycle.

some other questions: how do you keep your skills updated.

hope this could help! :slight_smile:


Hi Ansonn

Thanks for your help. Have you got your result of your 2nd interview?


yes, I got my result within 1 week.

I didn’t get in but good luck to you anyway


Hello, could I please ask what your experience was in this interview?
Also were you required to take an online test? if so what was it like and what kind of questions were asked?