Accenture Offer



Hi, I have got an offer from Accenture Technology Solutions and they were obviously looking for a 2:1 which I was predicted for. But unfortunately I received my results and I am on a 2:2, only a point off from getting that big 2:1. This was a huge dissapointment and I am waiting for my degree certificate, so I can send that to Accenture. Is there anyone here who have any idea if I would still be allowed to work at Accenture or shall I just give up my hopes completely?


Hi, did they retract their offer?


I got a 2:2 in Mechanical Engineering also. Not many replies from many of them, especially after the online testing (Guess I didn’t do well in those since it’s been a while). However, some people do reply, and let you prove yourself with the online testing. A company called MBDA let me through their initial stage as a software developer and did their online test. I also applied to BAE Systems’ national security academy, which provides training with QA for their roles and 2 years with BAE, where I managed to land a date for their assessment centre. So keep your head up and apply, especially if you feel like you can prove yourself.



I got an invite to do a business case study interview as part of my application to the Strategy Analyst role in Accenture Strategy – Products cluster. The email says that it is a Skype conference call/online meeting. I would like to ask anyone who has done this interview or any business case study interview for any role at Accenture the following questions.

What case study was given? What questions were asked during the interview? How many questions were there?

What advice do you have on how to best prepare for the interview?



Thanks for your good reply. Glad to know about it. lol