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Hey Everyone,

Was wondering if anyone has gone through Accenture’s AC recently as all forums and posts talk about an individual case study, which is then discussed 1x1, an in-tray and then a group exercise. But apparently, this is not the case and I was wondering if anyone can share their experience with the new AC in regards to the project planning exercise and if there is an individual case study or just the group one, and also the 1x1 where you are to discuss your proposal and plan?? Any and all help will be MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated and after my experience, I’ll be happy to share my own thoughts as I know how much these forums help people!


Hi mmmBop,

Considering your post is more than 2 months old, you had your AC with Accenture.

How did it go? What was the format of the AC. Could you please give more details on project planning exercise?

I would really appreciate your help and sharing your experience!


Hi mmmBop,

Considering your post is more than 2 months old, you had your AC with Accenture.

How did it go? What was the format of the AC. Could you please give more details on project planning exercise?

I would really appreciate your help and sharing your experience!


I noticed your question regarding the AC today. I presume you got an email inviting you to the AC next week?

I have gone through most of the resources available on wikijobs and was wondering if you wanted to chat via email to share material, strategies etc? I got my AC on the 28th.

Let me know via email


Hi MS88,

I don’t really know how to send you pm here, so here’s my email address: nicolericoleacn at gmail dot com. Please send me email and we could take it from there.

Yes, I did receive an email from ACN, mine is on 27th. And congrats on getting this far!

Looking forward to your email and take care!


Hi MS88 and nicolericole,

I have my AC on the 30th. Do you mind if we share materials?


Hi guys,

I also have an AC coming up on the 26th and was wondering if you wanted to go through some practice stuff.


Hey tb295,

Whats your email address?


Hey Guys,

“Nicole I emailed you”

Still going through wikijobs, so can’t be much help at the moment. From what I have read, the best thing to do is to try not to get too caught up with case in point. It seems like the cases are not interviewee led (with questions and data), which has caused a few AC candidates to over think and panic.

Its more about working as a team, time-management, being methodical and finally being creative with your solutions. It is also important to remember that in the team case scenario, you are not competing against one another, there is no reason for them to not let everyone in one group through as long as everyone can prove that they are political and just genuinely nice people to work with.

  1. I read a previous candidates thread where he said he needed to find ways of increasing a) funding for tfl tube and b) decreasing congestion. He stated that for a) he suggested increasing sponsorship and advertising. While logical, they felt it wasn’t creative enough. Do you guys have any creative suggestions for both a and b)

  2. It seems that previous candidates also spent ages revising and memorizing the 100’s of Accenture client cases. Do you think this is necessary? I don’t see the value in this?

  3. My confirmation AC email said that they were only recruiting for January 2014 start. Isn’t that a bit weird? I was expecting September 2013 the latest?

Looking forward to your reply


About the tfl question, what about partnering with other companies like train companies for instance so there is an incentive by train companies to encourage passengers to use the tube while also generating revenue for tfl.

decreasing congestion- more routes could be created, also fast train services could be provided for more travel routes.


Hey Jayg,

email me on tb295 AT Cheers.


Hey guys,

Thanks to MS88 for interesting example.

What about Gantt chart? has anybody gone through that? Do you think it’s worth looking at?

tb295, you’re the first one to go to the AC next week, so please please please after you’re done, post us some information!

Good luck everyone.


If you have time, look it up. But these interviews are not meant to be biased towards people with business degrees and people have gotten offers without knowing what a Gantt was.


Hi, I have my AC in 4 days. Any advice with the project planning exercise?
And i notice that sometimes it gets really difficult when you have 1 or 2 arrogant group members. People who will try to dominate and end up trying to get their and only their opinions ahead. I know this much for sure that they won’t get through… but they decrease the chances from introverts like me. How should I make an impact with such kind of members around ?


Ashpreet, project planning exercise is an individual one. You will fill the gantt chart, risks and dependencies individually. It would be good if you make yourself comfortable with the project life cycle or sometimes SDLC.
Sometimes it is true that group exercise would be difficult to handle where people try to dominate. But I think if you divide the case study into equal parts among yourself, there would be equal time for each one of you to put forward your thoughts. You can take the initiative like writing the summary of solutions on the flip chart or proposing the idea of dividing the tasks. I think the interviewers pay attention to these small details as well.



Who will be attending the AC on Monday morning (25/02)?

From the comments on here, it looks like quite a challenging day! :slight_smile:

I am still stuck with the group exercise: will the briefing be in a video, a presentation or text handouts?


Hey guys. How were your AC? What case study did they give at the group exercise?


Hey, I have my phone interview on Thursday so if anyone has any tips from a recent phone interview experience it would be much appreciated. If I pass I will be in the AC on Friday 22 March so pretty soon… anyone else attending that one? thanks


Dora I can assure that every bit of important information regarding the whole Accenture recruitment process is already posted here. In other words take it from post 1 and read it through. Also there are 1 or 2 more threads with relevant information. Good luck with your research…