Accenture - my experience



I’ve found this site really useful so I thought I would post my experiences on here, feel free to ask any questions if I haven’t given enough detail.

First Interview:

This was with HR. I was first asked the standard Why Accenture, Why Consulting. Then I was asked about 2 Case Studies that showed Accentures work. I just gave a few details and wasn’t questioned any further. I was then asked about competitors, again I just summarised them and wasnt probed futher on what differentiates Accenture or anything. I was then asked how Accenture use technology to help the clients. Then there was a mini case study which is just a paragraph on a company with clear issues (mine was to do with an energy company). I was asked what the three main problems were, and the three main solutions - this is really basic ie the field workers were wasting time travelling to and from the office - solution - givet them a PDA. Finally there were competencies - these were pretty standard, I can’t remember exactly what they were but nothing to worry about.


The first thing I will say about this AC is that I really felt like I couldnt have prepared for it. The fist exercise was the in tray - you are given a file with information and you have to write on a chart which activities go under various headings eg ‘finance’, ‘other’ etc - the information is quite confusing. You then have to write an email to your project manager summarising which activity is most important and why - this bit is quite straightforward and just using what you have already written in the chart. All I would say here is to be REALLY aware of the time because I found that only 2 of us actually managed to write the email as well, most people just stopped with the chart - I think they are really looking for time management here.
Second was a case study. This was relatively straight forward - very much the same format as the example on the website. It was about 7 pages long and we were given 20 minutes to prepare before being interviewed on it. Again the questions were what are the three biggest problems, what are the possible solutions. Make sure you make notes so you don’t forget! Try and give reasons to support your answers and detail if possible. The interviewer then asks that the most important problem is, and will challenge your answer (but only very weakly - this is nothing to be worried about). It is absolutely not necessary to have any extra knowledge about the subject matter for the case study.
Next was the group exercise - this you are given a brief to discuss a project. Ours was how we would go about setting up a charity in Tanzania and what the timeline would be to do so. Again, no extra knowledge necessary, its all about planning and team work. Then, about 5 minutes before the time is up, you are told that everyone must give a 1 minute presentation on one aspect of the plan. This is really nothing to worry about, you don’t even have to stand up and are really just summarising one aspect of the discussion - just remember to be confident!
Finally, there is the interview - this is with HR again so nothing to worry about, they mainly just ask how you found each aspect of the day, what went well, what could have gone better so be thinking of this throughout! They may ask you again why Accenture etc, but nothing too heavy.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the info. ^^ I’ve got an assessment day with them tomorrow starting at 8:45 - it’s now half past 11 - I thought I had prepared pretty thoroughly until I checked this site an hour ago, and have been reading frenziedly ever since! I’m only applying for an internship so hopefully I won’t need to know so much techincal detail, but good to be prepared nonetheless. You placed quite a lot of emphasis on not being able to prepare 100%, so that’s consoling at least.

Thanks for the post and the tips, they are very helpful. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


Thank you very much for information! Do you mind talking about more details on the In-tray exercise? You mentioned the information is confusing? Would it possible to give an example on that? Really sorry for the detailed questions.


Thank you so much!!! Good luck to ur job hunting!


Guys can i ask those of you that attended AC if the ppl on the grad programme you spoke to had work? I have reason to believe its hard for grads to find consulting work once hired and they are deferring start dates. Is this rumour or fact?



How long did it take them to get back to you after the assessment centre?


one day