Accenture Junior Consultant - 26th May 2011



I have an interview with HR (1 Hour) and an interview with a Senior Manager (where I will present a Case Study) for Accenture.

This is for the Junior Consultant positions which they have been advertising. Grade C1/C2.

Can anyone share their recent experiences? In particular - examples of what Case Studies they have had?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi g-man… I have a telephone interview for this tomorrow (Accenture Junior Consultant).

Can you please help… What was your telephone interview like?


Your help would be highly appreciated.


Hello Everyone,

I just had my telephonic interview with HR lady. It really went nice and for a change she told me at the end of my interview that there is an assessment centre on 26th May and told me to mark it in my diary. She also told me that somebody in recruitment would get back to me with details within the next 24 hours, so I am just waiting for that email.

Questions she asked were:
Why technology consulting?
What do you know about accenture?
Name Accenture competitors?
Tell me a time when you had to take an initiative that produced results?
Whats been different aspect of each of your jobs? what have you done to cater that change?
What are the different service lines of Accenture?
any 2 projects accenture has done?
What is your current salary?
whats your expectations salary wise from accenture?
Are you okay to travel?

If you have done thorough research about accenture then your interview should be alright. The lady was impressed with my research on accenture.



I had the near enough the same set of questions as above.

Still waiting to hear back from anyone who has done the 1hr HR interview and 1hr Senior Manager interview (with case study).



Hello People,

I had really good 2 interviews yesterday. HR interview was in depth but pretty standard. After that she started asking me if you have applied to somewhere else, where does accenture stand for you, she straight away told me that I would fit in Technology consulting and I told her yes thats what I want. She told me that many times what happens is that at the time of interview candidate is very flexible but when they offer a job with an alignment they become quite choosy, so thats why she straight away said we’ll put you in Technology consulting, to which I agreed.

Then we started to have general chat about cultures and accenture projects. She said that I would definitely hear back in 24 to 48 hours. She told me to wait till tuesday max as Monday is a bank holiday.

Interview with senior manager was classic. A very laid back man, and explained me the whole procedure of the interview and then handed over me the case study and himself went outside as he didnt want me to be tensed. I did my case study in 15 minutes and then we started having discussion. Case study was about the merger of 2 banks. Since I am from IT Data centre background in Banking I could relate to that and he was really happy and appreciated my answers. he also asked me if I have one of the board of directors in lift and I have to tell him why he should choose accenture for this particular task in 3-4 minutes. I gave a good answer to that as well.

After that he asked me general questions from my CV and background, nothing serious. Then I started asking him questions and he was very frank in answering them. In the end he said “It was a good interview”. He then said I would right everything down in computer and would forwarded it to HR who would get back to me within 48 working hours.

So I am now just waiting…fingers crossed!



Scud, I had my Junior Consultant interviews on the same day as you. Glad it went so well for you and good luck with the outcome!

Mine was similar to yours in terms of format and questions asked etc I believe. Thought the HR interview went really well, completely unsure about the case study though!

Have you heard back yet?


Hi All,

I had my interview the same day as Scud and Littlemiss, very little to add to the above except for the case study, mine was based on a theater company (not ideal) but I really think they look for you to assess the situation, draw out the issues and problems from the case study and accept some proposals given on the case study but don’t be afraid to dismiss a point as long as you can back it up. In mine they wanted to hire a marketing team from scratch, I said no you should bring in a proven consultancy team or outsource it to a relevant PR/marketing company. Reasons is paramount.

Mine went well and they offered me the job last Friday and i got the contract through today, have been very impressed with their HR team.

Best of luck hope you all get good news


Hello All,

congrats on the job offer. Yes mine went really well and I got the job offer on Friday as well. They said they would email me the contract on Tuesday but so far haven’t received it yet.

When are you starting?



Well done, I only received it 13:00 today so imagine it will be with you soon, i nudged the HR rep I was dealing with and think he hurried her up. Sure you will get it soon.

Haven’t got a start date as I prob have a months notice in mu current job, they mentioned July on the phone to me so expect in that month sometime. I think the on-boarding team call you and sort it all out with you.



I have received my contract:)

cheers .


Which area of the business will you guys be joining? What grade? C1 @ 43k?


I shall be joining Financial Services business line



hi all…

looks like quite a few people have recieved their offers for this post.

congratualtions all…

I have been through the first stage and have my interview on the 9th of june… can you all please help me… What sort of competency questions where you asked?

whats the best way to prepare for the case study?

Is it true that they are only offering IT consulting?

Thank you in anticipation of your help.



My advice is to make sure you know your C.V insideout.

Have examples of where you have worked as part of a team, led a team, worked to resolve a conflict, changed a process to improve something, adapated to an environment.

For the Case Study - you cannot really prepare for it. Just read the information, pick up on the key problems that will be fairly obvious and try and be creative with possible solutions and aspects which accenture could help the companys on.

Normally about two merging companies, various problems such as I.T systems not integrated, CEOs not in agreement, workforce having issues, problems with locations etc.

I will be joining Accenture in July.




I wouldn’t be adding more to what g-man has already said. The only thing I would like to add is that eat and drink their service offering like CRM and supply chain etc from their website and read their case studies and see how accenture solved its client issues. Keep the same approach when you are solving the case studiy and try to use lot of terms relevant to accenture like CRM, supply chain, lack of communication, identify core operational processes etc and as g-man said know you CV inside out:)

Best of Luck


Hello Guys,

Anyone joining on the 20th June 2011??



Hi all,

Congratulations to those whom have been given a job. I am considering to apply for the junior consultant position at Accenture as well and have a few questions.

Was the case study the only test you have had? Were there any other reasoning, numerical, or verbal tests as well?

What did the interviewer says about the roles of a junior consultant at Accenture? It’s not very clear on the job description.

Many thanks for your help.



Hi, guys anyone attended the assessment day on 21st July at London.
Did any one get any feed back. Fingers crossed



Many Congratulations to those who have got offers. Best of luck to those who are waiting for their results.

I have few doubts. Can some one answer these please.

Is it a case of just applying and then they will call you for a telephonic interview or it could also be a fact that your CV is not shortlisted at all.

I have about 7 years of work experience in IT Support and development. I know SAP HR, CRM and ABAP module. I have worked very little in SAP though. Last year I took a break and did a masters in Technical Consulting.

So now I want to move into consulting.

Will be it alright if I apply or they are not entertaining experienced guys and are looking for freshers or people with 1-2 years experience.

What salary are they offering?

Thanks for your help.