Accenture January 2014


Hi everyone,

I’m wondering whether there any offer-holders for Accenture in London starting in January 2014. Do you know what the next steps will be from now until then? Also, we could get in contact (maybe on a facebook group) to maybe get to know each other a bit, talk about accomodation, etc…
let me know what you think




What position did you apply for?


i’ve got an offer for ACG, u?


I will be starting in Feb-14. Its a great idea to have a common group on facebook to exchange information.


Hi guys, have you been told whether you have been aligned to the technology or management consulting stream?


Hi KayCharm,

yes I’ve been told I’m in technology. You?


I still have not been told! When did you find out? Also, can I ask if they took your preference into consideration?


Will you be starting in Jan? I’m assuming they took it into consideration (I asked for MC), but to be fair it seems to me that a lot of the alignment also takes into consideration the business needs of the firm…I got told with a phone call


That makes sense- I was asked to start in January but I have asked for a later start date if possible. Are you excited to start?! Do you know whether your training will be in Bangalore or Chicago?


Hi KayCharm, I hope you are well. Can you please offer any advice on your AC and any material you found particularly useful? I have no idea where/ how to start preparation so any information you have will be extremely useful !


I too have an offer for ACG beginning Jan 2014. I’ve not been told whether I’m aligned to management or tech consulting.