Accenture intakes?



I am wondering if anyone knows how many intakes Accenture UK has per year? At this time of year (May 2011) when would the next start date be? Is there any flexibility in this?

Also, how many training sessions in Chicago do they have, is it one per intake? What dates are these usually?

I am wondering, as I will be finishing my degree in 4 months and if I do get passed the 2nd round I would like to know about timing! The recruitment call centre does not seem to be very speedy or helpful in their responses…

Thanks for any help!


There are intakes in July, August and November as far as I know for 2011…Chicago training, one per intake and completed in the first few months of started…ideally immediately after the London based training ( so I would say in month 2 after starting)


Thanks for your help seyoc007… Do you know if you are able to choose your intake? Say if I am not able to start in August as I am still finishing my degree I could be able to ask for a start date in November? Also how did you find out this info is it on the website anywhere? Thanks again!