Accenture - In-Tray Exercise


Hey all,

The Accenture Assessment Centre has changed very recently, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the new In-Tray exercises and how to prepare for them? I’ve managed to find only four practice examples anywhere on the internet, most of which were multi-choice and E-Tray exercises, I understand that Accenture’s is an open ended test.

If anyone could offer any help to those of us who will be going through the new process soon, that’d be great.



Hey just wondering if you had been to your assessment day yet and how it went. I have mine a week on Monday and was wondering what the new style was like.


Hey Franzipan,

I have indeed had the assessment day now. I’m still waiting to hear back from them, after which I was planning on writing up a complete description of the new process, since I’d found similar posts ppl had made here to be very useful.

If I don’t hear back from them before the end of next week then I’ll look at writing it up on the Friday, so that you can hopefully benefit a little from info about my own experience.



Fingers crossed for good news!


Hi Sentance,

Good luck! I have my second round soon, so I look forward to reading your description of the new process.



Has anybody been to an assessment day recently and can kindly give me an insight into the in-tray exercise?


The in-tray exercise was basically a pack of information (e-mails from clients, project plans, etc.) and you had to catogorise the tasks that need doing/ problems that occur into 3 catogarys one of which was finacial, and one was other. Then pick out the 3 most important problems.
Secondly you had to write an e-mail response (on paper) to you boss saying what actions you were taking (or something along those lines)
The main problem with the in-tray exercise is that there was a lot of information and not very much time. I felt really rushed with it, so be prepared to go in there and skim read writing down the tasks as you go.
Hope that helps a little bit.


Franzipan, thank you so much for that. That is of real help :slight_smile:

With regards to the group work, was that based on the case study that you worked on earlier or was it a completely new topic? Also, how was the interview? Did they ask you competencies or repeat any of the questions from the round one interview?

Also, what was the case study based on? How did the day go in general? I would really appreciate any tips. Sorry for the bomardment of questions.


The group work was on a different topic, there is no group work on the case study any more. The day was Ok there were plenty of breaks which was good and it gave you a chance to speak to the other applicants before having to work with them which was nice.
If you look at the example case study online that will really help you it is a very similar format.
The interview was very short they just talked to you about how you felt the day had gone 5/10 min max.
Good luck


Thanks for that Franzipan. I was just wondering whether to prepare competency based questions for the final interview?



I have an assessment centre coming up for Accenture and will be doing an Intray exercise. I was wondering if anyone has more recent updates on their experience for the Accenture Assessment centre?


Hello everyone,
I have an accenture AC coming up next week and would rellay appreciate if someone can clarify my doubt.
In preparing for the case study, I looked at examples on bain, mckinsey etc and they are more of an interactive approach where the interviewer asks question and then you answer and another question and so on.
From what I read of Accenture, their method is more about go read and come with solutions. It doesnt seem as much about a structured approach of identifying relevant info, getting it from the interviewer and then working from there.
Or am I completely misunderstanding this?



Thank you blackwheels

I have my second round in two weeks and I have similar doubts. Do you have any relevant study material for practicing Accenture case studies and In tray exercises.

How was your experience in the second round.



Thank you blackwheels

I have my second round in two weeks and I have similar doubts. Do you have any relevant study material for practicing Accenture case studies and In tray exercises.

How was your experience in the second round.



@ myarnav,

My AC didn’t go well and hence I haven’t received an offer.
Just go through the sample cases that I mentioned. To be honest, be yourself and use common sense. Don’t try to push too hard and do not cut when others are talking. These are pretty much common sense points really.
My group discussion was my least performing area. I initiated the topic, sumarised it and kept the time. Still I got rejected because I inadvertantly cut another candidatewho kept cutting me off. Otherwise we got along pretty well.
I don’t think there are any golden tips here. Just try to impress but do not try too hard though.
Good Luck!


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