Accenture HELP NEEDED for 1st round Telephone Interview



I would be very grateful if anyone has any information to offer about Accenture first round telephone interview (ACG)…

Any advice would be much appreciated to help me better prepare. Thanks!!


Hi nixx,

I have a telephone interview my self. How you getting on. I have started looking into the business areas and work groups…


I’m guessing you guys have had your telephone interviews by now- any hints/tips greatly appreciated!


I have my telephone interview on the 21st… has anyone done theirs yet… can anyone offer any help?


Hi all,
I had my Ist round telephone interview few hours ago.
How was the transition like to uni?
Why did you choose your course and uni?
why computer science?
what is your understanding of ATS?
most exciting project you carried out?
who are accenture’s competitors?
how are they different from their competitors?
Describe a time when you had to build teamwork.
Describe the most challenging decision you had to make in last 1 year.
Describe the wrong decision you made .
SDLC phases
Favorite language
Why c++ or Java
Would you be able to be mobile in this role
positive and negative aspects of being mobile in this role.
where do you expect to be in 5 years of time.
what is different in ATS that of consultancy.
Thats all I can remember.
Hope its helpful.