Accenture Graduates in Technology Solutions (Possible start date March 2011)


Anyone applying to Accenture in Technology Solutions for March 2011?

I am applying as a Graduate Software Engineer, and my intake was told to be starting in March 2011 too.

Just had my final interview, so now have the agonising we wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know what they are gonna do re: accomodation, and have you guys applied anywhere else?


@Redfox05 Hi mate, I have my final interview next week and I have also applied for Graduate Software Engineer role can you pls give me questions that were asked for in the final round. Which technology did they concentrate more in technical interview. thanks


Ive got an interview to prepare for tomorrow elsewhere, so gonna give a quick reply soz!

Basically learn all your competency based questions really well.
And as for Technical Interview, yes the technical bit had me stumped too.
HR told me to focus on what I had learnt at uni I think.

But basically the tech interview focussed mainly on the system/software life cycle, so get your head around that, and make sure you can show you know what it is, and how you have put it into action in the past.

If you have done projects for clients using this methodology, then thats great.
Also be aware that they use a slight different variation of the system life cycle, but they explain it all in the interview.

I did not get asked massive program language specific questions, but again that could just have been my interview, so dont take this to mean anthing.

But main advise, System Life Cycle.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, that would help me to prepare for the interview.



I received an offer from Accenture!! Woop Woop!!!
Start date moved from March 2011 to Nov 2010 too :smiley:

Let me know how you guys get on


Congrats on your offer redfox! I did my HR and tech interview on the 8th of September (Wed) and its just past the 10 working days of when I should hear back from them. Should I give them a ring or wait a couple more days?


@redfox same here! I initially had an offer for Feb 2011 and now its been moved to Nov 2010!! I think i start on the 3rd of Nov.


Yup 3rd Nov start date. Im going to London this weekend if you happen to be around.
Im looking to house/flat share, so let us know if you havnt sorted accomodation yet either.

My contact details are posted on the Accenture waiting room site.



I dont think there is any harm in ringing HR to check on the status of your application, but thats just my guess.
Any luck since you posted that message?



I’ll be calling them first thing on Monday just to check, though based on earlier posts in the other Accenture thread it can take up to 3 weeks or more for them to reply. Will update when I hear something.


Hello every body,

I had 2nd round of interview with Accenture on 8th october 2010 for ATS.till now i dint hear anything from them.
did any one happened to attend interview, and have heard anything from them.
it is for graduate scheme.


Hey guys, congrats to the guys who have got offers.
I’ve got my final interview next friday.
Have you got anymore information on the questions they ask?
Would be much appreciated!