Accenture Graduate Software Engineer Interview


Hey everyone,

I have my 2nd round Graduate Software Engineer interview coming up very soon, can anyone provide any tips with what I can expect in the interview please?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi steve , hope you are doing fine. How is your interview went if you are done ? I am also invited for second round recently. Please update me of your interview.


What kind of questions you was asked . If you can share them it will be helpfull for me.


Hi Rock,

How was your 2nd round Graduate Software Engineer interview? could you share your experience and kinds of questions here?

Appreciate your sharing.


Hey Guys

I have recently had my 2nd round, face to face interview for the SE graduate Job. It lasted 2:30hrs and the first hour was spent with a woman in HR asking you more competency based questions to really try and engage what kind of person you are. You couldn’t really prepare for them, but if you take your time and try and think of a situation based on the question you will be fine.

The next 1:30hrs was spent with a senior manager of the technology department. He asked me about technologies I know and have worked with as well as what I think are the new up and coming technologies. He also asked how I kept up to date with the changes and innovations within the market. He then had 5-6 pages of computing theory questions. These were along the lines of:

Whats the difference between white box and black box testing?
Whats encapsulation/Polymorphism/Inheritance?
Whats the JVM?
How would you start a thread?
What and how does Garbage collection work?
Questions about data structures.
What is a Class/Abstract Class/Interface?
What is a protected/static/Global/ local variable?



Oops, accidentally hit enter, He also asked many more questions along the same lines.

Hope this helps


U’re amazing

Wish u for the best :slight_smile:


Hey guys…
I too had my second round SE graduate interview recently…on Feb 8th.
They say it takes 10 working days…how long has it taken u guys to know the outcome?


Hey guys…
I too had my second round SE graduate interview recently…on Feb 8th.
They say it takes 10 working days…how long has it taken u guys to know the outcome?


They also said it would take 10 days to get back to me, and they took 8


So how was your interview, Janani? What questions you got during ur interview? Mind to share?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The interview lasted 2 hours…technical questions bt software life cycle, testing methodologies,a few questions from courses I am doing, projects done, basic oops concepts,design patterns…

Wen do u hv ur interview?


Hey scubapro88…

How did ur interview go? Hv u heard back from them?



Does any one else that received an offer recently know their start date yet?


Hi aspire,

I did get an offer recently …but joining date is August 2014 as of now…hv asked them if it is possible for an earlier date…how bt u?


hey Janani,

Wow that is quite late ha. I received my offer a couple of weeks back, my start date has been set in may 2014. I did ask for a possible earlier start date but thinking of leaving it now.


Ya…very late…hv u accepted the offer…wat did they say regarding earlier start date…y r u letting it go…do u hv other offers ?


Sorry yes I have accepted the offer, I meant I am sticking with may 2014 start date. They said that if anything pops up they will give be able to offer it.


Hi Janani and aspire,

Did you guys receive any reply to your request for an earlier start date?


Hi nma25,

No, they said they would ring me if anything appeared. I have decided to stick with the original date however. I’m sure if I contacted them they would try to sort it.

Have you been offered a place?