I have got my second round interview next week for the Graduate Software Engineer Role. My Interview is split into HR and Technical. I would appreciate it very much if anyone you could please provide me some tips on the type of questions they could ask me. Especially at the technical interview!



Hi Altaf,

Congratulations !

I am invited for phone interview this week, could you please be kindly to share what kind of questions you have beed asked in the 1st round phone interview ?

Many Thank !


Questions I was asked:;

What are your strength/Weakness?
Why Do you want to work for Accenture?
Describe a time when you worked in a team?
Describe a time when you had conflict with one member of your team?
List Accenture Competitors?
Take me through your CV?

Best of luck with your interview!


Thanks a lot Altaf !

Good Luck to your 2nd round interview :smiley:


hey althaf…

how are you ? how abt ur interview? i too have a telephonic interview next week…any ways be in touch for any updates and wish u all the best…




Hey althaf …
When is u r 2nd round interview?


Hi Altaf,

How`s your 2nd round interview going ? Thanks to your kindly experience sharing about the phone interview, I am invited for the 2nd round interview. If possible, may I ask what kind of questions you have been asked in the HR & Technical 2nd round interview ?

Very best of luck !



Can anyone feedback on what that second interview was like? What kind of questions did you get in the technical interview?


Hello Guys,
i got my second round interview next week on 21st july…can anyone help me with your experiences. thankyou


Second round had questions mainly based on my undergraduate and masters degree project…mostly based on what was written on my CV…nothing much outside the cv…every corner of my project was questioned…


hi every body,
i wan to apply accenture graduate schemes,but the apllication form has some questions like In what ways does Accenture use technology to help its clients improve their business? and also what is ur day today task as an analyst on a project?
as u all were already had an interview can any one helps me please about these questions.


Hi all, I have my second round interview next week.
Can anyone tell me the kind of questions asked in HR and Manager interview both.
Particularly about competency based question??
Any help would be appreciated…

Thanks in advance… Cheers… :))


hi janny,
I have my first round interview next week. i would like to know how yours went, what kind of questions should i expect etc etc


had my interview recently and all went well, now am off to the AC, this is the real deal.
I found the first phone interview to be pretty straight forward, similar questions to those found on this site.
A word of caution though, DO NOT mention a single point that you cannot back up! i realised the lady interviewing me kept on skipping from her main points and focused on whatever i was saying, to such an extend that i believed i was in control of the interview. If you say your third year project was the hardest tech project you’ve ever done, be ready to back it up, say why it was hard and how you dealt with the situation!
Also, i cannot stress this far enough! Know what accenture does, know its competitors (IBM, EDS, HP, Capgemini etc) differentiate the roles in ATS and those in consultancy


Ok, so my experience with accenture recruitment has been great so far, i was invited to the interview (HR + Tech) 12 hours after my telephone interview. I also received an offer, the total time it took was a mere two weeks for the entire process!!
I prepared well for the interviews. I would like to say, even if i recorded the interview and posted it online it will not necessarily help you.

the questions in the tech interview are along the lines of your strength and what you have on your CV, do yourself a favour and revise any languages you have quoted, a particular emphasis would be on .Net, Java, SQL,Oracle. If you indicate you have come across any of these, be ready for some real probing.

Also know the SDLC like the back of your hand. it is a software engineering role, and i doubt if a question on this will miss out. know the different methodologies, waterfall, agile, xp, v model etc. you dont need to know them in detail, but have at least three well rehearsed methodologies.

The HR interview is the same old questions you have been asked 100 times before, just be friendly and chatty with them, but dont forget its still an interview, even when the interviewer expresses their passion for dogs, expressions like “aaaawwww”, “how sweet”, “cute”, etc are not really welcomed :slight_smile:

you can never prepare too much, use your application form and cv to judge what needs to be revised, if its not in your CV chances are you wont need to worry about it, although a particular interest in java and .Net might be advantageous.

One last bit of advice, you have to be pro active, do you want to know what exactly they do in ATS? HR wont help you? look up recent graduate joiners on linkedin and send them a message requesting help, give them your email address. if that doesnt work use the names from linkedin and find them on facebook! EVERYONE checks their facebook, thats a sure way of getting a reply. Maintain professionalism while dealing with them, remember they cant influence the decision to get you an offer, but they can definitely influence HR to decline you if you are a twat!

If you are offered some water, TAKE IT! you will NEED IT!!

Good luck people. PM me if you need particular info


Hi guys,

I have a telephonic interview tomo… Any tips… what are the questions they generally ask?

If possible, reply ASAP any1…!!


Hi Beerman

How was your telephonic interview? Have you gone through it? If so when is your 2nd interview?



Hi m_d_ed,

I finished my 2nd round interview… I have been offered a position fortunately… Joining Nov 2nd!!!


I have got my 2nd interview with ATS next week and I need your help regarding this. What kind of question were asked in your HR interview and Technical Interview? what are all the question asked in your 2nd interview? Can you give me some advise regarding the 2nd Interview with ATS?


Hi new

Could you please post me list of the telephonic interview asked by Accenture in detail ?.
please make it asap possible.
Thanks in advance.