Hi All,

I am waiting on my final round interview results from Accenture for Soft. Eng g Graduate position. I gave my interview almost 2.5 months back, still haven’t heard anything from Accenture. When I call Accenture HR, I am informed that they asking me to wait , so the results are not yet finalised. Is there any body who attended interview after July/August 2011 for software engineer Graduate program in London and have/haven’t got the results ?



I also applied to the Software Engineering Graduate Position for Accenture and I did my final interview about 2 weeks ago. They said I would hear back within the 2 weeks but nothing yet, have others heard back?



Just wait for some-days and then call HR !

They don’t have openings now, their next opening is 2013!


I don’t understand why they can’t just say we will get back to you next month or something.
And it’s not just Accenture they all do the same thing.
1st they say 2012 entry.
Then they say 2013 entry.

When I go to the interview they said we will definitely let you know in 10 days (“We don’t believe in keeping you hanging!”).
Then after 3 weeks I call them, they said wait another week as the response time has been extended to 4 weeks post interview.
I’ve now waited a total of 5 weeks and still not response.

I understand there are a lot of candidates to get through, but stop lying to us.


I had mine early december and they said 4 weeks to me, it has been 5 and still nothing. Have you guys heard anything ?


@Punkuj and elpg: Exactly they will ask us to wait for infinite time without notifying. Btw I got the offer guys, they informed me after 3 months. My DOJ is 2013. It is too long to go


I also finally got told I’ve got an offer after about 3 months of waiting. Start date is 8 May 2013.


Congratulations on the offer guys. I have a phone interview coming up. Does that mean that it will also be for the 2013 intake? Although I applied for the 2012 intake in the first place…


@francesca9 As far as I know all open applications are for 2013 intake. I was told back in September/October by Accenture that the intake for 2012 had been filled and that they were now looking to take people on for 2013 instead. The new start date is 8th May 2013 for all applicants (I think).


yeah I asked them to check and they said it is indeed 2013…thanks uj


Hi Jess22,

Could you share me about your first and second round interview with Accenture? I am going to have my first interview with Accenture in a few week for Software Engineer Graduate position as well.

Million thanks :slight_smile:


I got my telephonic interview with in 2 days.Could any one help me in listing out some competency questions?