Accenture Graduate Programme 2020


Hey, congrats on the AC, hope it went well!

I have one next week and if you could share any info on the 10 min discussion with an assessor and the interview it would be much appreciated!



How long did you guys have to wait for an outcome after the AC?


Hi Numaan,

Just saw your post here. I have also applied to Accenture Client Delivery and just had my Immersive Assessment (wish I read about the password puzzle before!). Now waiting to hear from Accenture. Have you had your AC day already? Can you give me more information about it if that if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks a lot!


I gave my online test around October-November 2019 and have not received any response from Accenture, have they filled all roles for London consulting graduate program?
Also,was anyone recently invited for the AC?


Hey, I would maybe email in and check up on your application - I completed my tests roughly at the same time and have completed my AC two weeks ago. Also, the AC is a really great experience, nothing to worry about besides the presentation so enjoy it!


Hi! Do u have an email as I did tests in Oct but havent heard back too!


Hi Numaan, can you please help me on what questions are asked for the video interview for EY.