Accenture Graduate Programme 2020


I got an AC invite a few days ago too - also for Edinburgh Consulting :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone applying to London consulting got an invite?


London ACs have happened already, last week


has anyone heard back from their London AC? I had mine last week but still haven’t heard anything.


btw I’m sure there are many AC’s over multiple weeks


What did you apply for?




Consulting Edinburgh


Anyone got an AC invite for Manchester yet ? Starting to think I won’t get one now :rofl:


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Has anyone who applied for the Technology Delivery Programme - Client Delivery heard anything?


I’m having my AC today. Just wanted to wish everyone goodluck and say thanks for the information on this thread!


How did it go ?


Is there anyone waiting to hear back about Consulting London AC still? Does anyone know what the assessment centre dates are?


It went well. The same steps everyone here has mentioned. The assessment dates might be towards the end of December. I’m assuming so because a girl who was supposed to be at my assessment could not make it and was able to be rescheduled for later in December. Good luck to everyone!


yes I’m waiting still, are you in the same situation?


yes :(( they said i passed the test and will get info regarding my AC in COUPLE of weeks, its been 6 weeks now lol


oh sorry thought you meant outcome of the AC, and if I’ve heard about an offer or rejection :confused:

In regards to your situation, all I know is that they said they are super busy and have had loads of applications, it also definitely took a few weeks before i received my invitation. I applied and did the test in the first week after they opened applications (start oct.)


Anybody else got an email saying that they will have to wait to see if they can still be invited to an AC?

Narrowly missed out on a spot, but I’ve been benched :laughing:


What location have you applied for?