Accenture Graduate Programme 2020


no, not yet. It’s been almost 2 weeks now and still haven’t heard back. Pretty poor tbh


Hopefully we hear back soon



on the 21st of October I received the email like yours saying that I passed the online assessment and that I would receive info about my assessment centre in the following couple of weeks. I applied for the Graduate Consulting 2020 in London. Now I am waiting for the info about my Assessment day, did you already get the info about yours?



No I’m still waiting for an invite :zzz:


It’s been like a month now and i still haven’t even got the assessments/ feedback on the application sjt


I spoke to a recruiter and they said that they will be getting back to people with AC invites very soon… keep your eyes peeled


Hi, would you mind sharing how long you had to wait for the invite to assessment centre after completing the online assessment? Thanksss!


Hey, how long did it take for you to get the assessments after the app? i’ve been waiting over a month


I waited about 4 to 6 weeks before I got feedback


Hi guys,

Has anyone who applied to london heard anything back? I applied on the 1st of October and not heard anything back or even any immersive online tests. And also, did everyone apply through the head start app?


I just got the following email:

Thank you again for applying for the Manchester Consulting Graduate Programme at Accenture. We really appreciate the time and effort you have put into your application.

We have received a VERY high number of applications for all our Consulting roles and we are still making our way through them all. Given this high number of applications, unfortunately not everyone who passed their online assessment on the Discovery Portal will be invited to an assessment centre.

Decisions about who will be invited to an assessment centre will be made next week, and it will be based on the profile you created when you applied as well as the result of your online assessment. So please bear with us until Friday 22nd November to hear about the outcome.

We apologise for keeping you waiting, and thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Accenture Recruitment


I got the same email. I applied to Edinburgh office, another girl i know passed the test, was invited to an event in london but still got rejected


all shall be revealed next week :weary:

good luck !


Did people applying to London get that email too (the one Numaan posted)?


Nope, I’ve not heard a single thing since sending my application on the 1st of October.


Juat got AC invitation for this weekend


Congrats! Where and what role did you apply for? :slight_smile:


Edinburgh Consulting Graduate, thank you :slight_smile:

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Congrats !!

Seems like they are now sending out invites. Still waiting :eyes:

Good luck everybody !


Anyone else got an invite yet ?