Accenture Graduate Programme 2020


I have applied for the Consulting programme in Manchester and have just completed the immersive online tests

Application process:




Good luck everyone!


Hi, when did you apply ? I applied for consulting in London on 5 Oct and yet to hear back?


Hi, Im not sure when I applied but it took them a good 3 weeks or so to get back to me.

The deadline to apply is 8th November so I’d presume that they will be getting back to people.

When did you apply and which programme ?


Hi, congratulations!

I am currently still filling out the application form, and it is completely different from the big four, as you are required to fill out some experience and skills and to complete some work questionnaire.

May I ask you for some advice in terms of how to approach the skills section and questionnaire to pass?

Thanks very much!



Honestly for the questionnaires your response should be what comes to you naturally. Follow your instincts and your response should be what you would do in that situation , rather than thinking about what Accenture would like you to do.

I hope that helps




How did you find the immersive assessment? I’ve been struggling with the numerical aspects of other graduate schemes so am trying to focus my preparation on what is most important. Would appreciate any tips on the type of questions that come up. Thanks.


Hi Soni,

I found the Accenture numerical test slightly easier than the big 4 tests.

if you are comfortable with percentages then you’ll be fine. Just make sure you read the question properly and try and work out exactly what they are asking for because it can be a little tricky and require one extra step/calculation to come to the right conclusion.

I literally just got an email an hour ago saying I’ve been invited to the AC.

Fingers crossed for you, good luck ! :crossed_fingers:


Hi Numaan,

Thanks. I’m generally comfortable with percentages but yes sometimes in these assessments it’s tricky to uncover what to do! Did you find any practice tests that were helpful?

And congrats! Good luck for the assessment centre! Do they give you much notice for your AC?



Then I think you will be just fine. I think last few questions are tricky as you have to crack a puzzle with a few hints your given.

I basically just got an email saying I passed and to keep an eye out for a date for the AC. In the meantime they invite candidates who are invited to an assessment centre to an exhibition event in London or Newcastle (you can choose). The event is about Accenture and what they do and you get to network with recruiters, hiring managers ect. You also get to try out new technology (which sounds fun).

Have you done the assessment yet ?


Hi Numaan, I was also invited to an assessment centre, and I am going to the London event. Which event are you going to? Would you mind adding me on WhatsApp: +44 7841226590 to discuss more details? Thanks!



Thank you very much for your response.

Did you end up scoring ‘like most people’ or having an element or two that’s slightly off to either side? I have got two (emotion control and people focused) that were slightly off and I am not sure if that’s a bad thing.

I find it a bit strange as we are supposed to put in the skills we consider having. Any dos and don’ts?

Hope you don’t mind sharing a bit!

Much obliged,
On the road


Oh cool, no I’m doing the assessment over the weekend. What kind of puzzle was it if you don’t mind sharing?


Hi was this for the immersive assessment that you had to do this?


Like crack the password or something along those lines



Honestly I can’t even remember what the personality or skills test was :rofl:



I’m not sure what to expect my self at the AC!

I’m going to the Newcastle event


I completed the APPLICATION PROFILE AND PSYCHOMETRIC QUESTIONNAIRE yesterday and haven’t heard back yet. Did you guys automatically receive your immersive assessments after you sent off your app?



No I don’t think Accenture work like that. They don’t send automatic links to the test, I think they review your Cv and responses before they progress you to the next stage.

Good luck with your application :crossed_fingers:


a week now and still haven’t heard back Zzz…


Hey, have you heard back yet? I’m still waiting for a response too