Accenture Graduate Programme 2019




I imagine Accenture would pay the same or higher than the Big 4. How is everyones applications coming along. Has anyone heard back after completing the tests, seems to be taking forever!


I was invited to the Accessment Centre


congrats! May I ask which service line you applied to and in which city?
Also, would mind sharing the timeframe of your application? as in when did you apply for the job and when did you finish the online assessment

Much appreciated!


It is consulting in Edinburgh. Finished online test a month ago.


Hi, Congratulations. Have you managed to have the AC yet? If so, how did you find it?


Would you mind letting me know what the AC consists of? Is there a group excercise for instance?


My AC will be in the coming week, so nothing to share currently, would highly appreciate if someone has done the AC can share what to expect:grinning:


For those that got an AC invite, if you don’t mind, what were your top 3 strengths and your lowest strength from the online tests feedback? Thanks :slight_smile:


My top strengths are Business champion, data interpreter and resilient workers. For those who already got the offer, could anyone please tell me how long after AC you got the result? (HR told me it took up to 10 working days)


Hi there, has anyone gone through the AC yet? If so, do you mind sharing the whole process and the activities or tasks involved?


Do you have a AC coming up?


Hey all, anyone know the difference between the Accenture technology consulting and consulting grad programmes? Which is better?

I’m not sure which I’d intially applied for, thanks!


Anyone still waiting to receive their contract?